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automotive project question:data display with camera input and gps video input.

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bit of a noob to the FPGA ring. I can code in machine code and have an electronics engineering background (1992 so the concepts are in place) 


I want to use a terasic DE0 board to do the following (with custom hardware on top.) 



lcd screen size is 5.8" wvga with 3/4 of it visible - cannot use larger - it wont fit. 

All the electronics is mounted to the LCD panel aand I would like to drive it directly so the VGA out on the DE0 will not be used. 


desired operation: 


startup - displays the word 'nissan' in the correct font  

(image processor ?) 


normal operation 


- displays a tachometer with moving needle and 3 warning lights (3 layers - needle is one the background is 2nd , numbers and warning lights are the 3rd.) 


(I need a way to scan the original into a bitmap that I can load into memory then make 4 images of it depending on warning light status) 


reverse gear selected - 

NTSC camera displays (layer 4 is video) and tach needle, numbers disappear) 


( this is coding according to the avalon pdf. I believe ) 


when GPS is displayed via a external switch input (external garmin unit with a rf remote - NTSC video output) the system will resize that source and display tachometer as a bar graph below the GPS Screen. 




now the question I have is what do I need IP wise.  


the local distributor (braemac for australia) said I would need the VIP suite to get most of this working.  


looking further at it I also think I need the automotive reference design listed on the altera site and a dedicated lancelot board for video out as well but this gives external video and not a direct drive to a LCD panel. 


what I am looking foris a bit of feedback as to what IP I need to use. hardware I can do well although I wouldnt mind a tip on the LCD hardware driver. FPGAs are a new thing to me so I'm at a slight disadvantage to most of you :) I think. 

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no thoughts on this?

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