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bemicro SDK info and example(s)

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The documentation for the bemicro could be better. Here are a few relevant pieces of info: 


The bemicro has a cyclone 3, but the bemicro SDK has a cyclone 4.  

There is a prototype board that attaches to the connector on arrow.  


On the bemicro SDK, elsewhere in this forum people found that altera's DDR phy (for cyclone 4) does not support the mobile SDRAM on the bemicro SDK. It is possible to use a vendor's eval version, but it locks out after an hour. This means it's practically useless to try to use for an embedded processor as is.  


It is also disappointing that it appears the only way to get a pc connection to the fpga in functional operation is over jtag via the usb blaster circuitry on the board, which is all proprietary. Is there a way around this? If not the only option is set something up on the prototype board, which isn't all that bad... 


Finally and most importantly, the 2 examples (the main lab, and the motor control lab) are all "wizard built" which may be useful for some applications, but to me there's something unsettling about pasting together all those black box components and expecting it all to work... 


A very simple example that blinks LEDs once a second is attached that does the minimum pin assignment and should be usable with minimal hard design experience. 


This looks like a nice board, but without an easy communication method to the pc, it's not too useful. Perhaps the board was not intended to be used outside of the wizards, but it could be useful with better documentation and an open comm port...
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sd card interface on bemicro 


One thing that I found missing in the documentation is the SD interface usage. The core is to be downloaded from  

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Thanks alot, i agree with your opinion. The provided examples are to complex to make it run....KISS ..Keep It Simple Stupid!

Your Example perfectly works in 1minute, i spent 6h on the NIOS led demo and still it doesn't work with quartus 13.1 (i think is a problem due to win 10), it's frustrating...

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