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communication with DE0-nano board

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I want to make a LED display controled by DE0-nano board. My idea is that I write a Java application that will make the movie frames, transfer it to binary code. Somehow send this binary data to DE0-nano 32MB memmory and the board will control the LEDs. 


I am stucked in sending that binary data to board. As i heard the USB onboard is there only for programming, right? Can you give me some advice how to transfer the data there? 


Maybe using this FT232R ( http://www.ftdichip.com/products/ics/ft232r.htm ). Or is there an easier way with some module with ethernet connection. Maybe some another board? 


Pleasse help me, I need this for my school project.
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The USB on the DE0-Nano will work both ways (I think). If I remember correctly, the test software/firmware from Terasic uses the USB to control the LEDs on the DE0-Nano board. At the very least, it will display the accelerometer's information from the DE0-Nano. 


It might be possible to make use of the firmware already in place and write a software app to emulate the test software's USB interface.
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Thanks for reply, 

you are right the test software can do it, but I wasn´t able to make it. Is there some guide or some C/Java application code that can help me? Or the application code of test software?