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cycloneIII Dev Kit, Flash erase/write error

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I have CycloneIII development board and running cycloneIII_3c25_start example. But Flash Erase and Write is not successful. Code is pasted below: 


alt_flash_fd* dFlashFD = alt_flash_open_dev(EXT_FLASH_NAME); 

if (!dFlashFD) { 

return 1; 

iRet =alt_erase_flash_block ( dFlashFD, 0x0FE0000, 0x20000); 

iRet = alt_write_flash(dFlashFD, 0x0FE0000, (const void* )&Data, 256); 


Both erase and write functions return 0, which indicate the calls are successful. But flash memory has not be written or changed in any way. 

(still in pattern of FF 00 FF FF 00 FF ). 


Please help. Thank you. 

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