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de2-115 Development Board USB Hardware problem

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Hi. I am working on DE2-115 and I can´t see in Control Panel the status of any USB Devices(A or B). Any of the other functions on Control Panel work perfectly. 

If i connect a Mouse on the host port, it seems to be no power on it, so I don´t think that is a problem in Windows. 

It´s a Hardware problem? How can I check this? 



Control Panel software for PC and FPGA. Version 3.01 

Quartus II - 64 bit 13.1 

USB Blaster work fine 

Al functions of Control Panel are working. 



Thank you
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I found the problem. The DE2-115 board has de ISP1362 chip (Discontinued) and the new DE2-115 board has CY7C67200.  

I was trying to run the example of the last one.
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