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dev kit for my reqd (PCIe+ARM SoC)

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Hi Altera,<br>I am trying to understand what development kit would best suit my needs.<br>I am looking for a dev kit which has the following.<br>1) ARM core embedded (HPS) system.<br>2) PCIe gold fingers (Gen2 and or Gen3).<br>3) Atleast 4 Ethernet ports (1G should be okay).<br><br>All of the above might not be available on the same board, I am ok with Daughter board + dev kit combination to get this setup.<br>Please let me know which dev kit should I consider to get this option.<br><br>Also I see cyclone V and Arria V some variants supports ARM dual core SoC.<br>But what is the difference between them?&nbsp;<br>For Cyclone V SoC:&nbsp;altera has: products/devkits/altera/kit-cyclone-v-soc.html.<br>There is no dev kit for Arria V SoC.<br><br>Also, does the kit also involve licences for tools? Quartus and Qsys.<br>Does it have inbuilt simulation as well, like ModelSim.<br><br>Xilinx has one xilinx has: products/boards-and-kits/EK-Z7-ZC706-G.htm <br>This has dev kit with atleast PCIe and SoC together. Does Altera have any similar product?<br><br>I am sorry I am new to Altera and would like some help.<br>I tried reaching to Altera through phone, but can't find the right folks too.<br><br>Any inputs would be much appreciated.<br>-LN<br><br><br><br>

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