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el_camino_sd_card in quartus

Honored Contributor II

Hi, i'm using the picture viewer demo.i have follow the the (http://www.altera.com/literature/ug/niosii_eval_user_guide.pdf) instruction in the page 73:delete the sdcard core.However, when i start compile in the quartus.It show me this error. 


Error: Can't find valid feature line for core SD_MMC_SPI_CORE (EC11_0002) in current license. 


I'm using a full version of quartus 2 9.0 


Thank you 

Chei Siang
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Honored Contributor II

the el_camino_sd_card is a component that has been provided by a third party,so you should get a license from el camino,it is not free. 


I suggest that you can use another SPI core ,Search for a demo named mp3_player on the site of altera~ 





best regard