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hardware library

Honored Contributor II

So I have an Arria V SOC Dev Kit and am struggling with it. 


I have the DIP switches set as per the kit user guide. 


I am trying to run "Getting Started with Hardware Library" section of the SOC EDS User Guide 


I can load the code, and the DMA setup runs OK. 


The FPGA setup first fails because the MSEL switches are not set as expected (0). So I try again with them set at the four values corresponding to each of 







and every time get a log of e.g. 


INFO: Setup FPGA System ... 

INFO: MSEL [2] configured correctly for FPGA image. 

INFO: FPGA Image binary at 0x201e0e0. 

INFO: FPGA Image size is 2275970 bytes. 

ERROR: Setup of FPGA return non-SUCCESS -2. 


That the examples and instructions don't work out of the dev kit box is very disappointing. 


Can someone from Altera please help. 


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