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headache about CCD Video signal transmission


I am very helpless for the job at hand,now. 

I gether a lot of references and hope to resolve the questions on my own,but I found that it is very difficult for me ,because of the lock of the projects experience,so I turn for your guru's help again:)forgive me asking stupid questions!~(and I am sorry that my English is not good) 


the aim of my job :make Video signals to be display on PC via ethernet(RJ45).(My development board is NEEK ) 


The steps I plan to do as follows: 


:)first: input Video signals to SDRAM,I have 2 questions: 

1:can I use PIO module used as signals input,because I donnot find the corresponding module intergrated into SOPC? 

2:I want to start my work from establishing the simplest project,that is, to store PIO data in SDRAM by DMA,{In fact, the PIO donnot need DMA,I use it here is in order to prepare for the Video signal , the Video signal is a large amount of data.} is this right? 


:) second:to realize the transmission between SDRAM and FIFO of TSE_MAC,I have one question: 

1:what's kind of the data format trasmitted from SDRAM to FIFO of TSE_MAC?according to the MAC frame format, the CCD Video signal data should be added source address or something? 


:) third:how to establish communication between the writed data of FIFO in TSE_MAC and the PC via ethernet? 


maybe my steps are so stupid,but I can only think of these.and I was determined to achieve my goal~~ 


hope somebody gives me hints ,so I donnot be caught into dead cycle...thanks 



Best regards
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