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how to: make de1soc_lxde_1604 headless/fpga independent?

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Good day. 


I am trying to get acquainted with DE1-SoC. What i want to get is headless ubuntu with ability to program fpga. Also for convenience purposes i'd like to use fpga-independent kernel not to change MSEL setup for "boot" and "runtime". 


In this thread, i'd like to ask for help with kernel compilation. 


Unfortunately, i have little experience with kernel. So i decided to start with de1soc_lxde_1604 image. 


I tried quick and dirty approach: set MSEL to HPS (b'01010) and try to boot the board, which failed: u-boot tried to upload .rbf to fpga (with failure message), then booted kernel: 


Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0 reading u-boot.scr 200 bytes read in 5 ms (39.1 KiB/s)# # Executing script at 02000000 reading soc_system.rbf 7007184 bytes read in 709 ms (9.4 MiB/s) altera_load: Failed with error code -4# # Starting application at 0x3FF795A4 ...# # Application terminated, rc = 0x0 reading zImage 5538512 bytes read in 563 ms (9.4 MiB/s) reading socfpga.dtb 31245 bytes read in 9 ms (3.3 MiB/s)# # Flattened Device Tree blob at 00000100 Booting using the fdt blob at 0x00000100 reserving fdt memory region: addr=0 size=1000 Loading Device Tree to 03ff5000, end 03fffa0c ... OK Starting kernel ...  


and then silence. i assume, that kernel is waiting for (at least) video device in fpga to respond which will never happen. 


I suppose, that my next step is recompile kernel without any fpga devices. Here is kernel config from de1soc_lxde_1604 image: 




what should i disable to make kernel fpga-independent?:)
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