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is Cyclone III FPGA Development Kit enough to do as a switch?

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would like to implement layer 2 algorithm to communicate with a switch 


is Cyclone III FPGA Development Kit enough for this? 


any other cheaper development kit for this?
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The Cyclone III Development kit is overkill if you just want to work with Ethernet. I might suggest the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit from Terasic. I am sure there are cheaper systems out there, but this is the cheapest one I know of with built-in ethernet. ($445 USD) 


If this is an "Academic" purchase, the DE2 (from Terasic) will be cheaper at $269 USD. 


I would suggest searching for a little while to try and find something cheaper. Where I work, we have used a custom board with a Cyclone II (EP2C35) with no trouble at all working with layer 2. 


Hope this helps.
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i use a hub for one ethernet if there is only one ethernet port