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load program from EEPROM to FPGA cyclone II

Honored Contributor II

I work on an Altera DE1 board and I use Quartus II 9.1 web edition, when I load my program with active serial programming using EPSC4 device ,my program loads in the EEPROM and I can not seem to get it back into the FPGA 

my question is how can I configure my card to read the program from the EEPROM 



thanks in advance
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Hi there, 


I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. I assume that you have no problem programming the EPCS4 device and it is programmed successfully.  


However, the FPGA doesn't seem to be programmed from the EPCS4 device upon power up. Is that what you are asking ? 


David from Terasic
Honored Contributor II

Make sure the configuration scheme is set to Active Serial mode under the configuration scheme in the Quartus II "Device and Pins option" settings. If you set to other configuration scheme such as Passive Serial then the configuration would fail.