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preloader not execute completely


Hello Friends,

I have generate preloader by following steps.


(serial enable, boot from qspi enable, semi hosting enable, watchdog disable)

go to software/spl_bsp and do "Make" --> and "make uboot" and i got "u-boot-spl"

in spl_bsp/uboot_socfpga folder.

now using this "u-boot-spl"

i invoke armds ide through Quartus18.1 embedded shell

In the field Connection should be set the CV SoCKit 1-1 option

Set the file u-boot-spl on the Files tab, through workspace u-boot-spl. Set the flag «Load symbols». Remain the «Files» field empty.

Switch off a debugging script launching on the Debugging tab.

Run terminal utility and press the «Debug» button. The preloader is loaded into memory and a debugger is ready to launch. 

it suppose to show something like 

U-Boot SPL 2013.01.01 (Oct 13 2020 - 16:45:28)

BOARD : Altera SoCFPGA Cyclone V Board

CLOCK: EOSC1 clock 25000 KHz

CLOCK: EOSC2 clock 25000 KHz

CLOCK: F2S_SDR_REF clock 0 KHz

CLOCK: F2S_PER_REF clock 0 KHz

CLOCK: MPU clock 925 MHz

CLOCK: DDR clock 400 MHz

CLOCK: UART clock 100000 KHz

CLOCK: MMC clock 50000 KHz

CLOCK: QSPI clock 370000 KHz

RESET: COLD SDRAM: Initializing MMR registers

SDRAM: Calibrating PHY

SEQ.C: Preparing to start memory calibration


SDRAM: 1024 MiB ALTERA DWMMC: 0 Card did not respond to voltage select! spl: mmc init failed: err - -17 ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###


but instead it shows as highlighted red box in attached print-screen on preloader execution process.

Please help me out what went wrong , why not my preloader execute completely , why it stuck by just showing 

"U-Boot SPL 2013.01.01 (Oct 13 2020 - 16:45:28)"

please see the attached for reference 


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here i am trying to re-write "preloader not execute completely" little crisp for batter understanding


The source code of the no-OS software and the scripts can be downloaded from the Analog Devices github.

no-OS Software

AD9361 No-OS Software https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS/tree/master/ad9361/sw
Generic Platform Driver https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS/tree/master/ad9361/sw/platform_generic

I have Cyclone V-SoC-kit board from Arrow and I have been trying to Run "AD9361 No-OS Software"

Tool Used: Quartus18.1, ARMDS2020.0


So far, I have been following these below steps:

1. Download "Generic Platform Driver" from GitHub and using tcl scriptor generated HDL Project (source ./system_project.tcl)

2. using plateform designer generate hdl (using system_bd.qsys)

3. Successfully compiled on Quartus

4. Generated a preloader using bsp-editor.(Enable-Semihosting,SDRAM_SCRUBBING,SERIAL_SUPPORT,BOOT_FROM_QSPI,DISABLE WATCHDOG)

5. Generated preloader using make command

6. Generated u-boot.img using make uboot commad

7. Using SOCEDS Command shell open ARMDS 2020.0 (./armds_ide)

8. then Run->Debug COnfiguration by selecting following configuration

in Connection Tab:-
8.1 Plateform-->Cyclone V SoC(Dual Core)->Baremetal-> debug Cortex-A9_0
8.2 Target COnnection->USB Blasetr
8.3 Connection CV SoC kit

In File Tab:-
-> Select u-boot-spel from file system (where bsp-editor generate u-boot-spl file)


10. Open putty and connect to the board (115200, 8bit, 1 stop bit, handshaking:none)

The result on putty terminal is nothing. I received nothing on the Putty terminal.

Please Comment where i am doing wrong ...? or what step i missed during entire booting process ?

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Can you try to boot using below tutorial on booting using QSPI?



Also, you may need to recheck you MSEL,BSEL and CSEL pin if they have been set correctly.


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