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read/write SRAM

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I am a beginner. I have a MAXII dev kit (http://www.altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-maxii-1270.html). 


I like to use Verilog to design a counter: 


input -- either use the on-board push buttons or use on-board Clock signal 

output -- send the counter's output to a SRAM (e.g. the on-board 128K x 8 SRAM), then read the SRAM content to check the counter's output. 


I can do the counter code (not sure about the push button part) but I don't know how to do the rest. I read the reference design codes (e.g. SRAMinterface.v) that come with the Kit but I am unable to figure out how to use them. I also read SOPC Builder User Guide but I don't know how to use the information there either.  


As you can see, I am very very new to this. Would someone please post a sample Verilog code or explain to me the whole process/steps or point me to the right direction for research to get me started? Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post.
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