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rgmii bring up in arriaii board

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hi folks 

im working on the 1g link in rgmii mode ....for me i am able to get the receive packets but the tx packets sending by the board was not able to capture by the wireshark in my linux pc 

but the i checked the dropped counter whether my tx udp packets is dropped doen there.but i didnt find my tx packets there. i interchanged the TX header and and according to the pdf settings tried the options tn also i didnt get the solutions 


if any one work on rgmii mode on arriaii board or any board just tell me the procedure hoe to bring up that rgmii link 


with my ipcore 100mbps link is up but for rgmii im not able to bring up 

for rgmii im using ALTDDR_out,in megacores otherthan that im not using any other megafunctions thats all and there i stucked there ...... 


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