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stratix IV user configuration problems

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in our department we have the stratix IV E develompent kit and i am trying to configure the board directly trougth the usb blaster, but dont work. 


first i start to read the users guide for look for information about configure it but it only speak about the Board Update Portal and how configure the board trougth the web server. 


i try this and it works well but is a bit tedious for me. 


but when i want to configure the FPGA (with any example included in CD-rom) using the integrated usb-blaster or Jtag when the programer don´t finish configuring the device and the conf_done doesn´t activate and the quartus give me an error who says:  

Error: CONF_DONE pin failed to go high in device 1. 


i am using quartus 9.1 SP2 subcription edition with our license who support the stratix IV device and programer recognice the device correctly. 


i was looking for more information in user and reference guide but don´t says anything. 


any solutions will be helpful. 




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What is the device? 

I feel like your board and the sof file is not matching. 

There are 2 versions in this devkit, ES chip or production chip. 

If the sof files are targeted to ES chip, then you can not configure with the sof which targeted to the production chip. 

It won't fail on the begging of the configuration, but fails at very end, like you described, the conf done pin won't go high.
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that was the solution.