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stratix iv gx dev.kit related issue

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Hello all, 


when i power on the board , and try to communicate the kit through board test system .exe, powermonitor.exe and clockcontrol.exe the following error is encountered 


Connecting to the target... 

java.lang.Exception: No USB Blaster detected. 

Please check connections and restart the program 


i am working on quartus 10.1 & dev kit installer version 10.1, windows 7, 64 bit OS  


kindly help in this regard
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few things to check. 

You may need to have exact same version of Quartus to the Board test system. If the BTS is 10.0, then you need to have Quartus 10.0. 

Second, you need to start 32bit version of Quartus to set up all the environment variables. Running 64bit won't over write correctly.
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We are running quartus 10.1 and development kit installer version 10.1  

both the versions are same but still those BTS, clock controller, power .exe are not working :( 



dev kit installer version 10.1 is working fine with quartus 11.0 but not with quartus 10.1 on the same 64 bit OS 



kindly help
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Did you try starting the Quartus 10.1 32bit? 

The issue comes from cannot find the lib correctly, meaning the path were not set correctly. 

For example, the path are set to Q11.0 now but GUI is trying to find a path to Q10.1