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telnet <ip address> 30 unseccessful

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I am sorry to have so many questions to ask,I have try by myself for a long time,and there is nobody go for this kind of job aroud me~ 


the niosII console: 


InterNiche Portable TCP/IP, v3.1  

Copyright 1996-2008 by InterNiche Technologies. All rights reserved.  

prep_tse_mac 0 

Your Ethernet MAC address is 00:07:ed:ff:8f:11 

Static IP Address is 

prepped 1 interface, initializing... 


INFO : TSE MAC 0 found at address 0x02102000 

INFO : PHY National DP83848C found at PHY address 0x01 of MAC Group[0] 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Automatically mapped to tse_mac_device[0] 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Restart Auto-Negotiation, checking PHY link... 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Auto-Negotiation PASSED 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Checking link... 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Link established 

INFO : PHY[0.0] - Speed = 100, Duplex = Full 

OK, x=0, CMD_CONFIG=0x00000000 

MAC post-initialization: CMD_CONFIG=0x04000203 

[tse_sgdma_read_init] RX descriptor chain desc (1 depth) created 

mctest init called 

IP address of et1 : 

Created "Inet main" task (Prio: 2) 

Created "clock tick" task (Prio: 3) 

Simple Socket Server starting up 

[sss_task] Simple Socket Server listening on port 30 

Created "simple socket server" task (Prio: 4) 



then i input "telnet <ip address> 30 " in quartusii shell: 


&#27491;&#22312;&#36830;&#25509;&#21040;30...&#19981;&#33021;&#25171;&#24320;&#21040;&#20027;&#26426;&#30340;&#36830;&#25509;&#65292; &#22312;&#31471;&#21475; 23: &#36830;&#25509;&#22833;&#36133; 


what should I do ?? 



thanks a lot!~
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then i input "telnet <ip address> 30 " in quartusii shell: 


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Why in Quartus shell? You should type it in the OS command prompt. 

Or your can connect with any telnet client, for example Hyperterminal. 

However I can't understand the following Chinese characters: is this an error message or anything relevant? 



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thank you very much for your reply,I am sorry that I forgot to traslate Chinese to English:p 

yes,you guessed right,they are error messages,means: 

Wrong message is being connected to the 30 ... can not open a connection to the host, on port 23: connection failed 


then,I try hyperterminal, and the connection is established successfully,I am very happy though it is a piece of cake for others:-P