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the pcie slot for de4 question

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hi, i plan to buy one DE4 develop board kit. but i don't know which server or pc can mount this develop board. the size of DE4 is 148mmx278mm. but the server or pc's pcie slots aren't prepared for DE4. So which server or pc can i choose to mount DE4 ? or which pc main board are you using to mount DE4 ? 

thanks for help !
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Hello liu_uestc, 


I am not talking from my own experience, but what i do know and see is that there are Pci Express extender cables and extender solutions available. 


They go from simple ribbon cables to more complex solutions where you have a small Pci Express board for the pc, and extender cable that connects to an interface print and an interface print that connects to a remote PCI Express board. This board can be your DE4. In this way the DE is connected outside the PC. 


Putting a DE4 board in a modern pc might give troubles anyway for example to access other connectors on the DE4 board. 


Best Regards 

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