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tse_mac code PROBLEM

Honored Contributor II


I encounter a problem about a piece of code,as follows: 




if( (dat & 0x03) != 0 ) 

printf("WARN: RX/TX not disabled after reset... missing PHY clock? CMD_CONFIG=0x%08x\n", dat); 



// printf("Hello from Nios II!\n"); 

printf("Hello from Nios II!\n"); 


-----in NiosII console,it can print :OK,CMD_CONFIG 

but,can not print "Hello from Nios II!",seems that the code is not running down. 

I suspect if maybe the reason of timer,so I add a timer(10us)in SOPC,and set the "sys_clk_timer" and "timerstamp_timer" in NiosII BSP,but after running the code ,there is nothing to print in NIOSII console,if I add none to "sys_clk_timer" and "timerstamp_timer",then it can only print "OK,CMD_CONFIG",and cannot print "Hello from Nios II!" . 

I donnot understand the reason ,and suspect that what is missed to set in quartusII or niosII SBT.
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