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uC/Probe working on NEEK board

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May i know anyone have try to implement the uc/probe on the nios ii embedded evaluation kit?  


After a research about this, i had found the development kit called BeMicro-SDK which have a similar architecture with the NEEK and also it using the uC/Probe to display the output to PC. 


So i follow one of the tutorial from BeMicro-SDK to make it on my NEEK board, i had follow all the concept provided with different application but when i reach to the module 6.4 to run the uc/probe. It did not display any result on the data screen. 


Can anyone tell me how to make it work on the NEEK board, or i had miss out something on the process so it wouldn't display on the data screen. 


Besides, i had tried to trace the problem and i figure out the ISR handler for the "UCPROBE_JTAG" not trigger. i really no idea how to solve it. 


Wish someone can guide and help me. THANKS. 


here the links:  



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