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using ADC on cyclone 10 lp evaluation kit

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Hi guys,  


I am a newbie with fpga --- had some experience with verilog and just starting to learn nios ii.  

I have a cyclone 10 lp evaluation board and I want to use the ADC on the board.  


The manual mentions how to convert the readout values to voltage, but it does not mention how to get those readout values.  

Also, is it possible to use the ADC directly in FPGA design (without going through nios)? 


Can someone please help? any help is appreciated.
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i will a have cylcone10 lp eval kit, but need know this have a ADC for read analog data, i read the manual but not see somethig for this,, this eval kit work trough of other fpga for analog read but not exist info about this or tutorial,,, i thing that this eval kit i shuld haved add a IC dedicated for this work, like a texas instruments, analog devices.

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The ADC is part of the MAX 10 device on the board, not the Cyclone 10. See these resources for info on using the MAX 10 ADC: