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using RAM memory on de1 board (Cyclone II)



I have a question about reading and writing from the RAM memorys that are on-board of the DE1. 


from what i have read: there are 3 types of memory installed: 

8Myte SDRAM, 512 Kbytes Sram , 4Mbytes flash. 


i want to use the ram memory (dont know who should i choose) 

and found this code templtae in quartus: 



--- Quote Start ---  


-- Quartus II VHDL Template 

-- Simple Dual-Port RAM with different read/write addresses but 

-- single read/write clock 

library ieee; 

use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; 

entity simple_dual_port_ram_single_clock is 


DATA_WIDTH : natural := 8; 

ADDR_WIDTH : natural := 6 



clk : in std_logic; 

raddr : in natural range 0 to 2**ADDR_WIDTH - 1; 

waddr : in natural range 0 to 2**ADDR_WIDTH - 1; 

data : in std_logic_vector((DATA_WIDTH-1) downto 0); 

we : in std_logic := '1'; 

q : out std_logic_vector((DATA_WIDTH -1) downto 0) 


end simple_dual_port_ram_single_clock; 

architecture rtl of simple_dual_port_ram_single_clock is 

-- Build a 2-D array type for the RAM 

subtype word_t is std_logic_vector((DATA_WIDTH-1) downto 0); 

type memory_t is array(2**ADDR_WIDTH-1 downto 0) of word_t; 

-- Declare the RAM signal.  

signal ram : memory_t; 




if(rising_edge(clk)) then  

if(we = '1') then 

ram(waddr) <= data; 

end if; 


-- On a read during a write to the same address, the read will 

-- return the OLD data at the address 

q <= ram(raddr); 

end if; 

end process; 

end rtl; 


--- Quote End ---  



now, i undestand that it does an 2-D array but there i things that i dont figure: 

1. if the adress witdh is 8 and word size is 6 that makes a: (2^8 *6) = 512bit memory right? 

2. how can i connect this entity for it to use the wanted memory? 

3.what memory should i choose:SRAM or SDRAM (i need to work on dual mode) 


thank alot 

Pini Sberro
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Your design is using FPGA internal RAM, obviously the best idea with a rather small memory unit. It's the only memory, that can be operated dual-port, as intended. Alls external memories are single port. 


From the external memories, only SRAM is available for simple interface. But you have to connect all memory signals to your design.
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thats bad news for me. 

I was asked in class to use the external memory. But i was told that it support dual mode too, are u certain its not? 

And Is there a simple way to write to the external memories?  


Thanks alot