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utilize VIP for ethernet


the demo of VIP can provide the interface of "vedio in"of the CCTV camera,the componet SOPC of VIP is "clocked vedio input". 

the VIP realizes the "RGB" signals be output to LCD ,but now I want to utilize the VIP demo ,the aim is to get the vedio data saved in SDRAM,and then transmitted by SGDMA to "TSE_MAC"(it is a SOPC IP),now,I can realize the transmittion from SDRAM to TSE_MAC,then to PC though ethernet. 

but I donnot really kown how to modify the VIP demo and select VIP components which can be used in my project,futhermore,the demo software is complex,I have try to remove some VIP demo componets of SOPC and rebuild it,then run software in NiosII eclipse,it always failed,I am not get anywhere ,so I turn for your guru's help!~ 

thanks for you giving me some hints~~ 



best regard!
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