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wave form/vector file simulation is not matched with logic

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hi i'm a student and i made a baseball count program. 

it is really simple. just same as ball count. 

so i made a logic with karnaugh map. and i finished the coding. but simulation is not working correctly. i can't understand. 


what should i do for this? 


here is code. 

all the sub-modules are working well. 

please tell me the problom of this. :cry::( 


module base9(iRST, iCLR, iCLK, iHIT, iSTRIKE, iBALL, iOUT, oSTRIKE, oBALL, oOUT); input iRST, iCLR, iCLK, iHIT, iSTRIKE, iBALL, iOUT; output oSTRIKE; output oBALL; output oOUT; wire PGH, PGS, PGB, PGO; //pulse generate part P_GEN0 GEN1(iCLK, iRST, iHIT, PGH ); P_GEN1 GEN2(iCLK, iRST, iSTRIKE, PGS); P_GEN2 GEN3(iCLK, iRST, iBALL, PGB); P_GEN3 GEN4(iCLK, iRST, iOUT, PGO); ////////////////////////////LOGIC part wire DA,DB,DC,DD,DE,DF,DG,SO,FB,tempOUT,TO,SC,BC; //strike part assign DA = ((~B)&PGS) | (A&(~PGS)); assign DB = ((A&(~B))&PGS) | (B&(~PGS)); assign SO = (B&PGS); //ball part assign DC = ((~C)&PGB) | (C&(~E)) | (E&(~PGB)); assign DD = (D&(~E)) | (E&(~PGB)) | ((C&(~E))&PGB); assign DE = ((D&(~E))&PGB) | (E&(~PGB)); assign FB = (E&PGB); //out condition assign tempOUT = (PGO|SO); //out part assign DF = (F&(~tempOUT)) | ((~G)&tempOUT); assign DG = (G&(~tempOUT)) | ((F&(~G))&tempOUT); assign TO = (G&tempOUT); //clear condition assign SC = ~((PGO|FB)|PGH); assign BC = ~((PGO|SO)|PGH); //////////////////////DFF part //strike part D_FF Dd0 (SC, iCLK, DA, A); D_FF0 Dd1 (SC, iCLK, DB, B); //ball part D_FF1 Dd2 (BC, iCLK, DC, C); D_FF2 Dd3 (BC, iCLK, DD, D); D_FF3 Dd4 (BC, iCLK, DE, E); //out part D_FF4 Dd5 (iRSTn, iCLK, DF, F); D_FF5 Dd6 (iRSTn, iCLK, DG, G); ////////////////////output logic assign oSTRIKE = {(~DA),(~DB)}; assign oBALL = {(~DC),(~DD),(~DE)}; assign oOUT = {(~DF),(~DG)}; endmodule ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- module P_GEN(iCLK,iRSTn,X,Y); output Y; input X,iCLK,iRSTn; reg Y; reg state ; parameter S0 = 2'b00, S1 = 2'b01, S2 = 2'b10; always@(posedge iCLK, negedge iRSTn) begin if(~iRSTn) state <= S0; else case (state) S0 : if(X) state<=S1; else state<=S0; S1 : if(X) state<=S2; else state<=S0; S2 : if(X) state<=S2; else state<=S0; endcase end always@ (state) begin case(state) S1 : Y = 1'b1; S0,S2 : Y = 1'b0; endcase end endmodule ------------------------------------------------------------- module D_FF(iCLK, iRSTn, D, D_out); input iRSTn, iCLK, D; output reg D_out; always@(negedge iRSTn or posedge iCLK) begin if(~iRSTn) D_out <= 0; else D_out <= D; end endmodule
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Hi Sjin, 


Perhaps you might need to elaborate further on your problem facing like error message or if the waveform not match, perhaps you could share the waveform result.  


Also you might want to put more comment on your codes.  


Also I believe it is important that individual module works fine as you mentioned. It would be the first step to make sure the design works. An important point on this is that for FPGA, the program isint sequential like in normal programming.
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