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which Samtec HSMC cable will fit the Stratix IV GX530N?

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I have a Stratix IV GX530N development board and I want to use an HSMC adapter cable to interface it to a daughter board. I have looked on the Samtec website and they show a predefined HSMC cable (host-mezzanine), HDR-131992-xx-HQDP. This is the cable described in the Altera HSMC Specification document (figure 5-1). This cable has two right angle connectors ('vertical' style using the Samtec notation). I'm looking at the mechanical drawings of these connectors and from what I can measure on the Altera GX530N these right angle HSMC connectors will overhang the push button switches on the GX530N and hit them. 

Does anyone at Altera know what Samtec HSMC cable (host-mezzanine) mechanically fits the GX530N? 

I designed a HQxx-060-TED-STR-x-x cable on the Samtec Cable Builder sight and asked for quote; Samtec says this is non-standard and requires tooling. I want to find out what HSMC interface cable is know to work with a GX530N. 




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My DE-4 came with a set of hsmc extenders to offset the hsmc cards from the onboard ddr. You may want to get in contact with Arrow or Altera to see if you can get a set of these. 


Here's a pic of what I mean: http://www.toteam.co.il/vault/products_images/de4_dvi-hsmc_2.jpg
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Did you need all of the pins in the HSMC? If you are interested in only accessing the high-speed transceivers, there is also an SMA breakout board. 


I can dig up the part numbers if you need them. 





PS. I vaguely recall a note somewhere with the 230K version of the board that the HSMC mounting holes are not aligned correctly to attach the HSMC connector, so you need to use a zip tie ... ugly ... :(