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windriver /PC cannot see on-chip ram on PCIe starter kit

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Hi , I programmed my cyclone 4gx starter kit demo board with the reference design and built a wriver for it using jungo windriver. it all seemed to work well till i mistakenly set up a repeat write which i think wrote over memory locations beyond the limits of the assigned address space in the reference design. Since then, when i tried to do a read/write to the memory location, i got the error message from the windriver sample code that there is not memory/io to be written to. I shut the system down, reconfigured the FPGA with a newly built reference design and still had no luck finding the memory bank. I tried regenerating the driver for the new build and that was when I realised windriver only list interrupt and configuration space, but no on-chip ram user space. Now all i can do is read/write to the configuration space but not the on-chip RAM. I have a feeling something has changed on my pc as when i rebooted it, there was a message that the monitor's driver has been recovered. i think i did a bit of a damage in my reckless write command, how do i get it back to normal? already tried system restore with any luck. any help will be well appreciated.

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