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16-Input, 8-Channel AV Switcher Power Benchmark

16-Input, 8-Channel AV Switcher Power Benchmark

The 16-input, 8-channel AV switcher design is a studio broadcast application that is described in Altera's white paper, "Altera's 28-nm FPGAs Optimized for Broadcast Video Applications".The FPGA resource utilization, clock speeds, and calculations that derive the data rates and interface speeds are fully described therein.


The design is based on an up-down cross converter function that converts video streams into different formats and resolutions, also described in the paper. The block diagram for the up-down cross converter is shown below.


For the purposes of power benchmarking this design, the device resources and clock speeds described in the paper were input into Altera's Early Power Estimator for Arria V FPGAs. The design power was estimated for a commercial temperature grade device, with junction temperature of 85 degrees C.

You can review the Early Power Estimator results yourself by downloading this file: 

ArriaV EPE

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