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Altera's Video and Image Processing Suite Demo on the NEEK

Altera's Video and Image Processing Suite Demo on the NEEK


See Altera®'s Video and Image Proceessing Suite running on the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit. Enjoy the bouncing video frame with OSD.


  • Download NEEK VIP DEMO v11.0 Qsys version:

           Executables for SD card   Source files]

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Block Diagrams






Design Description

Three frames are overlapped by Alphamixer

  1. Background generated a custom test pattern generator
  2. Live image having elastic frame(automatically move/resized/pan/zoom without touch screen inputs: auto-demo. )
  3. Title bar with a clock (Nios II OnScreenDisplay via FrameReader)


Touch screen control

  - The Live Image Frame

    - Re-Size (touch one of the image corners)

    - Re-Position (touch the center of the image)

    - bouncing speed and direction (move and release the touch pen)

    - Try to push the frame at LCD edge and release. The frame is deformed and jumping.

 - The Title bar

    - Vertical Position (touch the image and drag)


Background pattern is changed according to touch screen function mode, resize, re-position or auto-demo

Time of the day is adjustable by PushButton4-3.


Older version:



AN427 example design for NEEK

This application take the (AN427) and ports it to the NEEK


Design Description

The Altera Video and Image Processing Example Design demonstrates dynamic scaling and clipping of a standard definition video stream in either national television system committee (NTSC) or phase alternation line (PAL) format and picture-inpicture mixing with a background layer. The video stream is output on NEEK kit LCD in 800x480 resolution. The example design demonstrates a framework for rapid development of video and image processing systems using the parameterizable MegaCore® functions that are available in the Video and Image Processing Suite.

Block Diagram


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