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Avalon State Sequencer

Avalon State Sequencer


The Altera®State Sequencer is a small-footprint Qsys component that provides functionality for fast switching of a large number of signals external to the Avalon® system in a completely deterministic manner, with zero-latency response to inputs. It provides a solution in designs where a microprocessor would be too large and require too many clock cycles to perform rapid stimulus generation. Additionally, it provides an alternative to the lengthy design process involved in engineering a custom state machine and is highly configurable, allowing designers to find a unique fit for a wide range of applications.


  • Small footprint
  • Completely deterministic
  • Updated to work with Qsys

Demonstrated Altera Technology

Block Diagram

Figure 1. Block Diagram


System Requirements

The system requirements to use the Avalon State Sequencer Reference Design include:

  • Quartus® II Software Version 13.0 Service or later



You are free to use this design in any way you like. If you want to contibute to this project feel free to do so. I'm providing this design as is and Altera will not be supporting it. An alternative to this design is to use the Nios II 'e' core. Beginning in the Quartus Design Suite version 9.1 you can use the Nios II 'e' core without the need to purchase a license to use it.

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