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BeMicro is a series of low-cost evaluation kits for Altera's Cyclone and MAX FPGAs.

The following BeMicro kits have been produced over the years:

  • BeMicro (original) Released in December 2008

FPGA: Cyclone III EP3C16F256C8N

FPGA: Cyclone IV EP4CE22F17C6N

FPGA: Cyclone IV EP4CE22F17C6N

Based off of BeMicro SDK. Adds a 2nd Ethernet port and geared toward Industrial Ethernet evaluation.

FPGA: Cyclone V EP5CEA2F23C8N

FPGA: MAX 10 10M08DAF256

FPGA: Cyclone V 5CEFA9F23C8N

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