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BittWare Financial solutions

BittWare Financial solutions

BittWare Financial solutions

Challenges Addressed

  • Ultra-low latency feed handling
  • High bandwidth/faster analysis & data correlation
  • Maximum performance/watt (minimize power/thermal)
  • Scalable architecture to enable “FPGA Farm”
  • Support for future technology insertion/upgrades
  • High-reliability & enterprise-class quality

OpenCL Support

The Open Computing Language (OpenCL™) programming model is now supported on Altera’s Stratix® V FPGA architecture and BittWare’s Stratix V FPGA COTS hardware, providing an incredibly powerful solution for system acceleration. OpenCL dramatically simplifies FPGA development by enabling designers to code their systems and algorithms in a high-level C-based framework. This gives developers access to the latest generation of high-performance FPGAs on a validated COTS PCI Express board, while also significantly reducing their time-to-market by using OpenCL kernels to target Altera FPGAs.

Altera Financial Application Partner

BittWare is a financial application partner for Altera, providing Altera’s customers with fully-tested, deployable Stratix V-based COTS hardware for financial applications.

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