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BittWare MicroTCA FPGA Platform

BittWare MicroTCA FPGA Platform


BittWare MicroTCA FPGA Platform: FPGA Platform for AMC/MicroTCA Systems

MicroTCA is a modular standard, designed for cost-sensitive, space-constrained applications in demanding markets such as telecom, wireless, and industrial control. An extremely flexible platform, it supports various system sizes, multiple switch fabrics, and potential ruggedization. Adding reconfigurable AdvancedMCs to a MicroTCA system enhances this flexibility by allowing users to interface to external devices, bridge between switch fabrics or other protocols, and make use of previously unused backplane connections.

BittWare’s MicroTCA FPGA Platform (MRDP) combines the benefits of MicroTCA with the processing power of up to six Altera Stratix® Family FPGAs in an integrated platform solution. The FPGA platform is a completely stand-alone setup allowing users to design and test their AMC and MicroTCA systems. It offers up to six AdvancedMC slots with either a custom or standard MicroTCA backplane, opening up an endless array of system configurations. The system arrives tested and configured, enabling designers to speed up the development process. And with the addition of BittWare’s ATLANTiS FrameWork enabling reconfigurable data routing, this platform enables users to fully design and debug in a portable, flexible environment. The MicroTCA FPGA Platform is available in two versions: switched and switchless.

§ 1U chassis providing 6 mid-size (3 full size) AMC slots

§ Up to 6 BittWare FPGA-based AdvancedMCs

§ Switchless system option provides custom backplane to allow direct connection of all AMC boards in chassis

§ Switched system option provides standard backplane supporting switch fabrics such as PCI Express, 10 GigE, and Serial RapidIO


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