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BittWare OpenCL Developer’s Bundle

BittWare OpenCL Developer’s Bundle

BittWare OpenCL Developer’s Bundle: Altera Stratix V FPGA-based PCIe Board and Development Tools for...

BittWare is a preferred board supplier for Altera OpenCL, and Altera has certified the S5PH-Q to support the OpenCL SDK.

BittWare’s OpenCL Developer’s Bundle provides the tools necessary to begin developing applications for the Altera Stratix V using OpenCL. OpenCL dramatically simplifies FPGA development by enabling designers to code their systems and algorithms in a high-level C-based framework.

The OpenCL Developer’s Bundle includes BittWare’s S5-PCIe-HQ (S5PH-Q) half-length PCIe board, the BittWorks II application development software, and a BittWare breakout board to provide easy access to signals and interfaces on the S5PH-Q. The bundle also includes the Altera Quartus II software, the Altera SDK for OpenCL, and the Altera USB Byte Blaster for downloading configuration and program data to the Stratix V FPGA.

This development bundle gives developers access to the latest generation of high-performance FPGAs on a validated COTS PCI Express board, while also significantly reducing their time-to-market by using OpenCL kernels to target Altera FPGAs.

  • BittWare S5-PCIe-HQ Altera Stratix V GSMD5 or GSMD8 half-length PCIe board with two banks of 4GByte DDR3 SDRAM
  • S5PH-Q Board Support Package
  • BittWare BittWorks II Toolkit application development software for BittWare COTS boards
  • BittWare Breakout Board (BWBO) providing front panel access to signals and interfaces on the S5PH-Q
  • Altera Quartus® II software
  • Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL
  • Altera USB Byte Blaster to download configuration or program data into the Stratix V
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