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CGI and Boa

CGI and Boa

This source is written for the DE2 board with hippos sof for the framebuffer.

The uClinux version was one unstable . But should work also with newer versions of uClinux.

 You have to change the source to get it to work with other boards.

To compile it - copy this source to the cgi_generic application.

This demo can:

- upload, download files

 Here the filename is not parsed. So for every file uploaded the name will be testing.jpg.

 The internet explorer does not update already downloaded files. So you have to press reload.

- LCD set

 The entered text will be showed on LCD. You have to select lcd_16207 device.

- LEDs in green and red are set via check buttons.

- Buttons and switches are read out and showed with check boxed.

- Commands in uClinux can be ecetuted. There is a problem with redirection in uClinux. 

 So you will not be able to see the stdout. This would be nice to have.

When you need to open the latest state of your board in a new web page then you should use files for saving the state or maybe via /proc files.

This version works in memory. So open a new web page will loose all states hat one do not read out of the board.

File:CGI in C with

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