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In wireless applications, a fundamental path is the Remote Radio Head (RRH) to Base Station (BTS) path. In the downlink, an analog radio signal is translated into a digital format in which it can then be processed and manipulated. In the uplink direction, the opposite processing is applied. This example design will showcase three of three of the functions that are part of these data paths: compression, mapping of IQ samples into a CPRI Frame, and a CPRI link that carries Control and IQ Payload between the RRH and the BTS. The modules/functions showcased in this design example are part of Altera's solution for wireless applications.


  • Arria 10 PCIe Development Kit
  • FMC Loopback Card
  • Quartus II 16.0
  • Arria 10 PCIe Development Kit ClockControl GUI
  • Altera_CPRI_IQ_Mapper Tool
  • CPRI v6 IP License
  • ModelSim 10.1b or newer version

High-Level Description

A high-level block diagram of the design is shown in Figure 1.0. This design example connects Compression/DeCompression, IQ Mapper/DeMapper, and CPRI IP modules. IQ samples are generated by Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSR) and are driven into the Compression Modules. After compression the IQ samples are mapped by the IQ Mapper module and are then driven into the CPRI IP. The CPRI module implements the CPRI protocol. It loads the IQ samples unto the CPRI IQ Data Plane. In this example the CPRI transmit serial link is routed back to the receive serial link, implementing an electrical serial loopback. In the receive direction (uplink), the IQ samples are extracted from the CPRI Frame by the CPRI module and are sent to the IQ DeMapper. From the DeMapper, the IQ samples go to the DeCompression modules. To show the integrity of the IQ data and the impact of compression on the IQ data, this design example uses an Error Vector Magnitude module. The uncompressed IQ Data, generated by the LFSRs, and the De-Compressed IQ Data received in the uplink direction (output of the DeCompression modules) are sent into the EVM module which calculates a difference in magnitude between the two.

Figure 1.0 High-Level Block Diagram



  • REC Master
  • 9.8 Gbps
  • 6 AxCs
  • Direct IQ Mapper Interface


  • 9.8 Gbps
  • 6 AxCs
  • 8X Sampling
  • 20MHz LTE


  • AxC0 : No Compression
  • AxC1 : 16:12 Compression
  • AxC2 : 16:10 Compression
  • AxC3 : 16:8 Compression
  • AxC4 : 16:7 Compression
  • AxC5 : 16:6 Compression

Obtaining the Design

You can obtain the design at the DesignStore. To access the DesignStore, you must have a myAltera account.

Full Design Documentation

The full document can be downloaded using the following link.


The documentation will provide further details about the design, including.

  • Setting up the hardware
  • Running the Design on Hardware
  • Simulating the Design
  • Design Modules Details


1.0July 2016Initial Release

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