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CPRI IP v6 Releases & Support

CPRI IP v6 Releases & Support

Releases and Changelog

Webcore BuildSupported QII VersionRelease/Expected DateSupport StatusChangelog
18.1.18018.1 (b222)19th October, 2018 (WW42.5)ActiveSee link
17.1.36217.1 (b240)19th September, 2018 (WW38.3)ActiveSee link
17.0.26017.0ir3 (b182) 17.0 (b290) 17.0.1 (b293) 17.0.2 (b297)7th August, 2017 (WW32.1)ActiveSee link
16.1.28516.1 (b196) 16.1.1 (b200) 16.1.2 (b203)17 March, 2017 (WW11.5)ActiveSee link
16.1.27516.1 (b196) 16.1.1 (b200) 16.1.2 (b203)28 February, 2017 (WW9.2)ActiveSee link
16.0.24916.0 (b211)22 July, 2016 (WW30.5)ActiveSee link
15.1.31315.1 (b185) 15.1.1 (b189) 15.1.2 (b193)22 April, 2016 (WW17.5)ActiveSee link
15.1.25815.1 (b185) 15.1.1 (b189) 15.1.2 (b193)5 Feb, 2016 (WW6.5)ActiveSee link
15.0.22215.0 (b145)11 Aug, 2015 (WW33.2)ActiveSee link
14.0.400.4414.0 (b200)27 Feb, 2015 (WW9.5)ObsoleteFirst release

Note: For early evaluation of the latest Webcore or any issue support of previous version(s) of the webcore, please contact Intel® FPGAs and Programmable Devices Support or Altera Sales.

Reference Design


IP-CPRI-V6 is available via the Self Service License Center (SSLC) (not as a MegaCore in Quartus). Additional information on the SSLC is here.

Requests for a trial evaluation of the IP-CPRI-V6 can be made in two ways:

Method 1: Compile the form HERE and hit SUBMIT 

Method 2 : Send an email to both the recipients Intel-PG Customer Service and Christian Lanzani, Strategic Wireless Business Development - Intel PSG including the following required information:

  • Email address:
  • First and Last Name:
  • Company Name and Address:
  • NIC/Host ID:
  • Fix/Float (indicate):
  • If float, quantity of seats:

Once a trial license file is received customer can start download and evaluate IP-CPRI-V6.


1) Please download latest CPRI IP v6 Webcore core patch at Self Service Licensing Center (SSLC). You will need a valid SSLC account ID/password and CPRI-IP-V6 license to proceed. Please refer to section License for acquiring a license.


2) Click on the "Search" button and type "CPRI" in the Product Name to search for the core. Under the Operating System, choose either Windows or Linux to download the patch.


Note: Check on the Releases and Changelog section to understand the version and content of the latest patch.


1) If you are installing CPRI v6.0 patch for the first time, please go to Step 2). Otherwise, go to to Removing the patch of the previous copy of the patch before proceed to the next step. 

2) Run the downloaded patch in the target PC. Accept the License Agreement to proceed.

3) Locate the pre-install QuartusII installation directory location in your PC and choose the altera/<QuartusII version> subfolder as the installation path, for example "C:\altera\16.1\". A warning will prompt stating no QuartusII in the location selected if you choose the wrong directory. 


4) Installation completed. You can look for the "CPRI v6.0" under the "Interface Protocols" library of the IP Catolog in Quartus II as below 


IP Catalog before and after installation:

Removing the patch

1) Locate the pre-install QuartusII installation directory location in your PC. 

2) Find the file cpri_ii-<patch version>-uninstall.exe / cpri_ii-<patch version> under <QuartusII directory>/acds/uninstall and run it.

3) You will be prompt a question to proceed, click Yes to remove the old patch. 

Note: You are advised to backup the old patch using QII project archive if the old patch is to be removed.


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