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CPRI v6 Build 16.1.275

CPRI v6 Build 16.1.275

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A) Bug fixes:

1) LOS LOF RAI does not stay at 1 when in reset stage (see Errata 410745)

2) lcv field in RX_ERR Register (0x3C) overflow at 4bit (see Errata 436960)

B) Enhancement:

1) Ethernet MII interface support 2.5MHz (previously 25MHz only)

2) Added additional link status bit to FLSAR register (0x2C) at the following bits:

bit 27 Remote LOS detected

bit 28 Remote LOF detected

bit 29 Local LOS detected

bit 30 Local LOF detected


For existing bug/limitation in this build, please see this link.

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