CPRI v7 Build 18.1.180

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CPRI v7 Build 18.1.180

CPRI v7 Build 18.1.180


A) New features:

1) No new features compare with 17.1, support for Quartus 18.1

a) Quartus 18.1 have better timing margin for S10 compare with 17.1


- A10 with lower data rate 3.072 Gbps will failed with hold violation

B) Bug fixes:

1) Fix GMII bug which cause data packet not able to receive.

2) Fix GMII Tx FIFOs can be underflow on certain variants.

4) Fix GMII Rx path for FIFOs can become undeflow.

5) Fix GMII bug that eof_detected can not assert which cause multiple gmii_rxdv

6) Fix GMII bug that FIFO hold may not able to clear and cause the FIFOs to underflow

C) Enhancement:

1) New option to support 12.16512 Gbps and 24.33024 Gbps

2) Timing improvement for A10's 10.1376 Gbps

D) Feature changes:

1) New 64-bit interface is added, 64-bit interface use when run in 8.11008 Gbps, 10.1376 Gbps, 12.16512 Gbps and 24.33024 Gbps if 64 bit core width is selected

E) Documentation:

1) New User Guide based on 18.1 will be available soon

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