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Command Line App Note

Command Line App Note

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The following Nios II Command Line application note was created by a Nios II user, however, there are no current plans to update this document.

Please Note: This application note was written prior to the existence of the Nios II SW build tools. It is not a recommended or well supported command line flow.

Please see the Nios II SW Handbook for how to perform command line builds

The command line tools used by the Nios II IDE are targeted towards software

developers who wish to work in a text based environment. The various features that are

discussed in this document are as follows:

  • Software project creation.
  • The ability to import existing projects into the active workspace.
  • Project building and separate optional “make”.
  • Hardware downloading.
  • Software downloading.
  • JTAG terminal communication.
  • Project removal from workspace with optional project deletion.
  • Including managed libraries.
  • Hardware and software flash programming.

The Nios II SDK shell where the command line tools are accessed is capable of running scripted commands which allow the user to perform complex builds from a scripted file. This helps prevent human error typing in the commands and also can be used to increase productivity by automating frequent project builds through encapsulation of command invocations within script files. It is recommended that the commands used in this document be copied into a script file (.sh extension). This will help save time if a mistake is made and the commands must be entered once again. To run a script file, simply type “bash” followed by a space and the name of the script file.

For more information, download the full PDF and project files below.

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