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Cyclone 10 GX FPLL Reconfiguration

Cyclone 10 GX FPLL Reconfiguration

This is Dynamic Reconfiguration Debug Toolkit for Cyclone 10 GX Development kit using Quartus 17.1 Pro Edition. This design is for you to debug the FPLL reconfiguration issue and mif file configuration issue. You can also use this to create new mif file for different clock output.

Below is the System-Console GUI for easier to performed dynamic reconfiguration. 


When you initially run the tcl file, the GUI will automatically read the current fPLL setting. You can update the the fPLL setting by the step below. 1. "Select MIF File" in order to load a new setting 2. "Reconfigure and Recalibrate" which will performed dynamic reconfiguration with the new setting. 3. "Create New MIF" which is only needed if you are modifying the value more from the mif and will generate a new mif file.

This is the Quartus project file. 7/7b/C10fpll_17_1_0_240.qar 

This is the mif file that was use to verify on the board. a/ab/ 

This is the tcl file for the System Console Debug Toolkit a/aa/FPLL_Reconfig.tcl 

You can make use of the tcl in order to understand how to performed dynamic configuration using CPU or micro-controller.

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