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Cyclone EP1C20 Dev Board

Cyclone EP1C20 Dev Board

After several years of dust, the EP1C20 is getting the latest tools, and returning back to life on my bench. This is a HOWTO with the newest tools.


  • Quartus 9.0 / nios2eds 9.0
  • Running the Linux version of Quartus
  • USB Blaster JTAG cable
  • Quartus is abbreviated to Q9.0 or Q7.2 respectively

Post Quartus 7.2, the Cyclone I is no longer fully supported. 

Quartus 9.0 Status

  • Compilation works.
  • no example for EP1C20 dev board, or any Cyclone I dev boards
  • text based jtag does not recognize id 020840DD as EP1C20
    • both text / gui programmers are able to program the chip with no problems
    • jtagconfig -n does not show niosII nodes, unable to load any nios2 programs



 Jtag 9.0

  Since the nodes are not detected, no programs are able to be uploaded, and hence zero functionality. The example below shows output from jtag 9.0, note that the -n switch should show all running nodes.

 [tom@garak full_featured]$ jtagconfig -n                                                      

1) USB-Blaster [USB 3-1.1]                                                                    


  To get around the limitation, find a file from quartus 7.2, located in /usr/altera/quartus7.2/linux/ (note this is my install dir, which may differ).

  • rename your original to jtag_client.so_orig just in case
  • overwrite file from ver Q9.0 with the Q7.2 one
  • restart jtagd as root if required

Note: the quartus7.2/linux directory contains the for the 32-bit version. Most Quartus installations come with both 32 and 64 bit versions. If you are running 64 bit, you are well to copy both 32 and 64 versions respectively, but don't mix them up! 

  • quartus/linux/ 32-bit
  • quartus/linux64/ 64-bit

After doing so, the output should finally list the running nodes:

 [tom@garak full_featured]$ /software/altera/quartus/bin/jtagconfig -n

1) USB-Blaster [USB 3-1.2]

 020840DD  EP1C20

   Node 11104600

   Node 0C006E00

 This concludes the programming howto.

Examples from Quartus 7.2

Since the nios2eds 9.0 no longer contains any example designs for any pre Cyclone II boards, the designs have to be borrowed from ver 7.2. Perhaps I will post the files here.

In the dir /software/altera/nios2eds/examples/verilog/niosII_cyclone_1c20/full_featuredyou will find the whole project. No changes are necessary to compile with Q9.0. Some warnings about deprecated directives should be ignored.

Contributed By Tom Golubev

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‎06-25-2019 04:13 PM
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