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Cyclone V vs. Artix 7 DDR3 Memory Controllers

Cyclone V vs. Artix 7 DDR3 Memory Controllers

Cyclone V Hard memory controllers have many advantages over competing Artix-7 product memory solutions. This page is dedicated to some of the benchmark comparisons between memory interface support on these two products.

The first table below shows the bandwidth advantages that Cyclone V's hard DDR3 memory controller has over Artix-7's soft only controller solution.

Table 1: Cyclone V DDR3 Hard Memory Controller bandwidth ratio to Artix-7 Soft Memory Controller


Cyclone V not only has a bandwidth advantage but also significant latency advantages over the Artix-7 soft controller solution as seen in this analysis below.

Table 2: Cyclone V DDR3 Memory Controller Latency Advantage over Artix-7 DDR3 Memory Controller


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