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Cyclone5 StarterKit HDMI

Cyclone5 StarterKit HDMI

Do NOT use ANY of these files in any product.

These files are NOT Suitable for use in any product. No part of these files is Suitable for use in any product. These files are only provided for you to read because there is some possibility that they may improve your understanding of the Cyclone 5 starter kit. These files are provided on CONDITION that the creators or editors of these files shall NOT be liable for the consequences of your use of any part of them. Do NOT use ANY of these files in any product. If you do not agree then delete all copies of these files in your possession. ALL copies or Modified copies of this file MUST contain these warnings & conditions. Do NOT use ANY of these files in any product or with any Monitor

HDMI & Modular SGDMA on a Cyclone 5 Starter Kit


+ This Displays Bars, LOGO & a Rotating Cube to an HDMI Monitor 

+ Using 

+ an mSGDMA controller that gets Video Data from Port 0 on a 2 Port 

+ SDRAM Controller while the SW Writes Data into SDRAM Port 1 

+ The Picture is Changed by Pressing Button 3 



+ This RELIES on the Fact that the DEFAULT Design in the c5 Starter Kit has 

+ Already SetUp the HDMI Chip via its' I2C Interface. 


This uses the altera_avalon_video_sync_generator



the BORDER that is Drawn Around the Edge of the Frames with the Moving LOGOs

is OFF SCREEN on Most HDMI Monitors at Frame Size 800x480.

Why 800x480 ??????


800x480 is usually the Size of the LCD Touch Screens that are available to Plug 

into the Cyclone 5 starter kit.

This was previously designed for use with both HDMI & LCD screens connected at the same time using a DIFFERENT video sync generator.

BUT 800x480 is an unusual Frame Size to use with an HDMI Monitor so the Border 

may be OFF SCREEN.

If a more common Frame Size is used then the border may not be a problem.

If anyone is interested, 

I Have Designed a video sync generator for HDMI which is able to Handle the

HDMI Border Problem

It can also produce 2 Video outputs, Each with a different HEIGHT (or same HEIGHT)


The smaller Height output for an LCD Touch Screen is a window on the Larger 

Height output for a Monitor.

The BSP Was SetUp so that Every Linker Region was in On Chip RAM EXCEPT

for the STACK & HEAP.

The BSP Was based on the Default Hello World App That is Created when 

New Nios App & BSP from Template on the File Menu is Clicked On.


The already Selected Hello World Template was Accepted

The NIOS Economy Processor was used to run the Software.

The Cube could have been speeded up if a Faster NIOS Processor had been used.


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