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DSP Builder Advanced Blockset - Flow Control, Design Style and Floating Point

DSP Builder Advanced Blockset - Flow Control, Design Style and Floating Point

DSPBA: Flow Control, Design Style and Floating Point


This document describes some recommended design styles when using DSP Builder, Advanced Blockset as an incremental addition to the current user guide. All the information in here gets re-written into the main documentation. The document mostly focuses on recent enhancements to the tool (10.0, 10.1+). In particular it covers use of vectors with ModelPrim blocks, how to implement efficient flow control, floating point and special design considerations when using it, and some design patterns to avoid. Examples are used to illustrate the general principles. The document is mostly restricted to designs using primitive subsystems.

It doesn't really cover the basics - that's all in the main documentation - but it does have an FAQ section that is slowly being populated.

Note that a more general document on best practices in Advanced Blockset is available on Altera's site;

This covers more general concepts, such as design and testbench organization, verification etc.

© 2010 Altera Corporation. The material in this wiki page or document is provided AS-IS and is not

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misleading or inaccurate.


You can download the entire document from here: File:DSPBAFlowControl.doc

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