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DSP Builder

DSP Builder

DSP Builder Advanced Blockset is Altera's Model-Based Design High Level Synthesis tool, supporting both fixed-point and floating-point design and hardware generation. The pages here contain some information additional to, or yet to be factored into the main documentation. 

If you're new to DSP Builder, the best place to start might be DSP Builder Advanced Blockset - Flow Control, Design Style and Floating Point which includes checklist and reccommendations. If you're starting out on a floating point design, try looking at the section on the Mandelbrot design, in conjuction with the design iteslf. This contains a wealth of features and good practices. Don't forget also that The mathworks web-site has much documentation on Simulink. This isn't replicated in the DSP Builder documentation, so if you have questions that are to do with the model-based design environment, scripting, etc, try there first. 

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