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All support for Intel NUC 7 - 13 systems has transitioned to ASUS. Read latest update.

Debug User Space

Debug User Space

The jtag debugger is not working yet. So we will have to use printk to debug kernel. There is a gdbserver binary for userspace at nios2-linux/toolchain-mmu/nios2-linux/bin. (we will add the gdbserver source to uclinux-dist later) You may copy it to romfs/bin. To enable solib in gdb, you will need to run this command or add it to .gdbinit,

set solib-absolute-prefix ~/nios2-linux/toolchain-mmu/x86-linux2/nios2-wrs-linux-gnu/libc

 Please refer to the wiki about user space debugging,

  • DebugApps debug user space applications using gdb, gdbtui, insight or ddd.
  • EclipseCDT install and develop/debug with Eclipse CDT IDE.

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