Debugging Linux for Nios II with Lauterbach

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Debugging Linux for Nios II with Lauterbach

Debugging Linux for Nios II with Lauterbach

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The white paper titled, "Debugging Linux for Nios II Software Using the Lauterbach Debugger", describes use of the Lauterbach Debugger with Linux for Nios II version R15. 

This white paper presents powerful methods of debugging a Linux for Nios II version R15 application with the Lauterbach TRACE32 Logic Development System.

The TRACE32 system, including Lauterbach PowerTrace hardware and the TRACE32 PowerView integrated development environment (IDE), provides complete visibility into the operation of a Linux for Nios II version R15 system. In combination with the Nios II EDS, SOPC Builder, and the Quartus II software, the TRACE32 system enables you to analyze Nios II system failures or anomalous design behavior. The Lauterbach TRACE32 system gives you a degree of control unmatched by other Nios II debugging environments. 

This white paper includes tutorial steps for debugging an example design on the Altera Cyclone III 3C120 development board, utilizing both Linux kernel level debugging, and process specific debugging.

This white paper assumes that you are running the Lauterbach TRACE32 PowerView IDE on a Linux platform. However, the techniques presented are independent of the development platform.

The Lauterbach TRACE32 hardware and software tools provide an extremely powerful set of features for diagnosing and solving some of the toughest embedded systems development problems, including those problems involving the time domain. The Lauterbach tools enable you to accomplish the following typical debugging tasks:

  • Set breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Step through code
  • Examine variable values

You can also employ more powerful techniques, such as:

  • Debugging processes of an individual application in stop-mode, where the Linux kernel halts.
  • Stepping through an individual application process in run-mode, while the Linux kernel and other application processes continue to run
  • Debugging of Linux kernel and device driver code


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