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Designing with AXI for Altera SoC ARM Devices Workshop Lab - Setup

Designing with AXI for Altera SoC ARM Devices Workshop Lab - Setup


This is the take-home lab to accompany the 1/2 day Designing with AXI for Altera SoC Devices Workshop. During this lab, you will create a custom AXI component, integrate it into a SoC-based QSys system, compile the system, boot linux, and run a simple application to verify that the lab has completed.

The application will return two codes which you can send into Altera to receive a thank-you gift for taking the time to complete the lab.

Lab Requirements

  • Quartus II, version 13.1.4

This lab is built for and tested against Quartus 13.1.4. It is recommended that this version of Quartus be used for the lab.

  • Arrow SoCKit Board

This lab runs on the Arrow SoCKit Board and was tested on Revisions B and C of the SoCKit board

  • Linux microSD card

This card was distributed during the in-class workshop

  • AXI SoCKit Lab files

These files are available for download here: File:SoCKit AXILab.tar.gz

  • A terminal program capable of interfacing to the SoCKit's built-in USB serial port.

PuTTY is a common terminal program supported for both Linux and Windows which works well.


A basic understanding of the Quartus II Design Software.

Instructor-led Introduction to Quartus

On-line 90 Minute Introduction to Quartus

Instructor Led Introduction to QSys

On-line 90 Minute Introduction to QSys

On-line One Hour Advanced QSys

Preparing the SoCKit Board for the Lab

Please ensure the jumpers and switches on your SoCKit board are set as follows:

Jumper Configuration:

3/36/Jumpers.jpeg ( Jumpers.jpeg - click here to view image )

MSEL Settings:

b/b7/Msel.jpeg ( Msel.jpeg - click here to view image )

JTAG Settings:

3/32/Jtag.jpeg ( Jtag.jpeg - click here to view image )

Connect two micro USB cables from your computer to the USB Blaster and Serial Port micro USB connectors (the two outer connectors) on the SoCKit board as shown below:

9/98/Sockit_axi_lab_usb.jpeg ( Sockit axi lab usb.jpeg - click here to view image )

Click here to continue to the next section>>>>

Preparing the Helio Board for the Lab

File:Http:// Rev Check small2.jpg


Preparing the Altera Cyclone V board for the Lab

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