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DisplayPort Design Example 15.1 (TX-RX)

DisplayPort Design Example 15.1 (TX-RX)


This document describes an example design that demonstrates Altera DisplayPort Sink (RX) and Source (TX) functions using a video loop-through system. DisplayPort is a next-generation video interface display technology. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) developed the standard as an open digital communication interface for internal chip-to-chip and external box-to-box digital display connections such as:

• Interfaces within a PC or monitor

• Interfaces between a PC and monitor or projector

• Interfaces between a PC and TV

• Interfaces between a device (e.g. DVD player) and TV

DisplayPort uses packetized data transmission and embeds the clock signal in the serial data stream. It can transmit audio, video, or both simultaneously. It also includes a bidirectional, half-duplex auxiliary (AUX) channel for link and device management. The Hot Plug Detect (HPD) causes the DisplayPort source to initiate the link via AUX channel.

7/73/Monitor_color_bars.jpg ( Monitor color bars.jpg - click here to view image )

This design example supports the following FPGA development boards and requires using a Bitec DisplayPort daughter card. 2K resolution examples are available for Cyclone V, Arria V, and Stratix V.

9/95/Charts_on_charts.jpg ( Charts on charts.jpg - click here to view image )


DisplayPort TX-RX Design Example User Guide

DisplayPort TX-RX Design Example for Arria V Starter Kit

DisplayPort TX-RX Design Example for Stratix V GX FPGA Development Kit

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